SAMIKSHA AEROSPACE is a leading UAV solution provider in India. We acquire the data for you, analyse the data to reduce your effort and present it in a way that you can utilize. We also work on UAV Technologies to make UAV solutions better and bigger with different perspective.

"Analyze Future . Execute Technology"

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Roads, Railways, Cities and Villages requires proper planning and monitoring. There are many problems involved in the traditional method like lack of information about on site, more time consumption, absence of digital land records etc. Samiksha Aerospace UAV solution offers a way to Digitize the land and infrastructure records which can be easily understood by common people and offers a real-time monitoring with less time consumption in cost effective way.
Industries Served:
 Roads
 Railways
 Cities
 Villages

“Drone systems helpes to streamline the decision making and drastically reduced
the need for site visits for assessments”


Powerlines, Cell towers and Pipelines require real-time monitoring and inspection to observe any damages, rusting etc which are not visible to eyes. A man cannot go to each place and inspect properly from root to edge which time consumable. UAV solutions offers a better way to inspect and monitor these areas with accurate and digital data without any interruption or failure to ensure a proper and smooth functioning. Renewables like Solar and Wind farms require proper planning and layout for large amount of land. Samiksha Aerospace provides accurate Orthomosaic and contour maps digitally to access faster and better.
Industries Served:
 Powerline
 Pipeline
 Cell towers
 Transmission lines and towers, conductors and insulators
 Solar panels and farm
 Wind turbines and farm
 Onshore and Offshore

“The consequence of this technology, fully implemented, could eradicate slow throughput
in terms of data collection, fasten the process of payments and reduce
dependency of missing out on data sets due to the residences being inaccessible.”


Mining sector majorly depends on planning, managing and safety during operation. Samiksha Aerospace offers a smarter way to reduce manual errors in surveying and helps to provide visual information for effective planning, ensure mining operations more safe and economical with indirect cost-effective reformation for mining activities.
Services Provided:
 Volume calculation
 Stockpile analysis
 Orthomosaic, Digital Elevation Model and Contour map

“UAV technology establishes an effective mine monitoring and surveillance system.”


Samiksha Aerospace excels in creating high quality marketing content in the form of interactive aerial 360 tours, aerial photography and aerial videography. We provide the industries with an EDGE to market their projects in a highly result oriented manner. Capturing the real ambience in an interactive form, we help boost the sales by presenting projects in a manner that needs no further explanation.
Industries Served:
 Real Estate
 Hospitality and Tourism
 Industries
 Events
 Advertising etc



Detect defect in prior


Master understanding on how the land rests


Offer insight accompanied by context



We acquire the data for you with our experienced technical flying team by flying UAV and ensuring safety


Once data acquisition work is done on field we take it to our processing team to process the data


After processing we deliver data to your system in way you can understand and access easily.

If you want to FLY, give up everything that weighs you down


Samiksha Aerospace offers training programs which involve building live projects and give the students a very good opportunity to develop practical, application-oriented skills. In addition to the technical knowledge, our students leave our training sessions with the confidence of learning theory and applying it successfully to build a project that works.

We use Aeromodelling workshops, wherever possible, as a means to deliver exciting and fun based training to the students of various Engineering disciplines. Our Aeromodelling workshops are carefully designed to expose participants to multi-disciplinary demands of the industry and students from Mechanical, Aeronautical, Automobile, Electrical, Electronics, Computer Science and Instrumentation Engineering disciplines find our programs very useful. Students from other disciplines with an interest to learn and experience Aeromodelling also find our workshops educative as they develop a tone for practical engineering. In addition to Aeromodelling workshops, we also provide specialized training programs to help students develop skills needed for a career in Aerospace/ Aeronautical and Automobile Industry and also guide them in their Academic Projects as well.
 Aeromodelling Workshop
 Hydro rocket Workshop
 Glider Making
 Academic Projects

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